A Fresh Take
on Healthcare Private Equity


The healthcare marketplace is vibrant and growing but also challenged by the financial burden of rapidly rising costs. For the population’s healthcare needs to be met, the industry must adopt more efficient and effective ways of providing care.

WindRose invests in companies that are addressing healthcare’s most pressing needs by delivering innovation powered by improved processes and new technology. Importantly, we believe that the goals of greater efficiency and higher quality in the healthcare industry need not be competing interests. WindRose’s portfolio companies are achieving both of these worthy goals – delivering improved care and a more sustainable healthcare marketplace.

Guiding Principles


Vision, Guided by Experience

The WindRose investment team have devoted their careers to working within healthcare’s complex ecosystem. Our many collective decades of industry immersion have provided us with insights that shape our strategy and guide our work with portfolio companies.


Investing with Tailwinds

WindRose identifies thematic shifts that are reshaping healthcare as the industry evolves to become more efficient, deliver greater value and incorporate new technologies. By targeting companies that are advancing these goals, we find that we are investing in sectors where industry tailwinds are strongest. We are thereby avoiding healthcare sectors that are at greatest risk of disruption, disintermediation, or pricing erosion.


Resolute Advocates for our Companies

We advocate tirelessly for our portfolio companies and strive to empower management teams to grow high - performance businesses. WindRose maintains a broad array of industry relationships that provide new business opportunities for our portfolio companies. Additionally, we provide our companies with access to a deep bench of operational resources to support growth.