Creating Value
the Right Way


WindRose targets growth and operational excellence as the key building blocks of value creation rather than financial engineering or market – timing. To that end we take a conservative approach to the use of debt financing in our investments and do not invest behind unsustainable market trends.

WindRose’s investment performance reflects our portfolio companies’ success in becoming recognized as high – value, strategic assets because of the innovation they deliver, the growth they achieve and the operational acumen they exhibit.

Our Approach

  • Investing
    with Purpose

  • Serving
    our Partners

  • Delivering

  • Moving
    with Urgency

WindRose invests in businesses that are improving quality and enhancing efficiency in the healthcare industry. These companies’ innovative solutions are allowing a resource - constrained industry to better meet society’s vital healthcare needs.

WindRose can only achieve its objectives in partnership with others. We strive to be good partners for our management teams by maintaining a culture focused on service. Our primary task is to serve our management teams and provide them with operational resources and growth opportunities that will support them in attaining our shared goals.

WindRose maintains relationships with some of the most influential healthcare organizations and leaders, including many of the largest payors and providers of healthcare in the world. We use this network of relationships to provide our portfolio companies with access to growth opportunities in the form of new customers, partnerships and operational resources.

Our portfolio companies compete in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. We endeavor to act with a sense of urgency to help our companies rapidly advance new opportunities, maximize operational strength and gain a competitive advantage in the market place. By acting with urgency we aim to accelerate value creation and minimize risk.

Our Partnership Approach

Sector - Focused, Growth - Oriented

WindRose Health Investors has developed a disciplined approach to healthcare investing that has consistently delivered successful outcomes for our partners.


Better processes, new technology,
and higher quality


New customers and expansion

Operational Excellence

Access to a deep bench of
operational resources